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Your local Hobart car service ATS Automotive specialise in Automatic Transmission Services and can repair your transmission troubles, bringing your car back to its peak performance.

It's essential to keep your car's transmission in good working order whether it’s a manual or an automatic. We can perform Transmission Service on your car right here in Hobart – call us today for a free estimate or book your car in for a service online!

Transmission Services at ATS Auto Hobart

The transmission is a vital part of the vehicle. This is what controls the input and output of energy in the vehicle. Without a functioning transmission you can experience overheating or burning of the fuel. Without a properly functioning transmission the engine can overheat, there can be a pooling of fluid under the car and engine can emit strange smells. In order to keep your car functioning at it's best condition, make an appointment to have your transmission checked or serviced at your local Repco service centre in Hobart. ATS Automotive can inspect and fix your transmission, and we provide the following services:

  • Hydraulic Cylinders Replacement
  • Automatic Transmission Service
  • Manual Transmission Service
  • Flywheel Machining
  • Flywheel Replacement
  • Actuator Replacement
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Seal Replacements
  • Parking Brake Repair
  • Planetary Gearset Replacement
  • Throttle Valve Replacement
  • Vacuum Modulator Tuning

To prevent potentially expensive and inconvenient transmission repairs, inquire now about a transmission oil cooler to suit your vehicle or book online for regular check-up in advance to preventively sort out any car issues before serious repairs are needed. All makes and types of vehicles serviced and repaired, with a full range of spare parts and Nationwide Warranty.

Automatic Transmission Service

There are two main differences between an automatic and a manual transmission

  • Automatic Transmissions vehicles don't have clutch pedal.
  • The gear stick is also missing in an Automatic Transmission car ; once the transmission is put into drive, the rest is automatic.

A manual transmission locks and unlocks various sets of gears to the output shaft in order to achieve the various gear ratios, while an automatic transmission uses the same set of gears to produce all of the different gear ratios.

Manual transmissions need servicing but it is a less complicated task which involves replacing the fluids and/or making minor adjustments.

Automatic transmissions involve a range of parts such as a planetary gear set, a set of locking bands, a hydraulic system, clutches, and a large pump to move transmission fluid around and so regular servicing of Automatic transmissions is vital to ensure maximum performance, economy and service life.

Symptons that there are problems with your automatic transmission include:

  • Fluids Leaking.
  • 'Check Engine' light.
  • Clunky transitions between gears.
  • Difficulty getting 'into' gear.
  • A whining, humming or even a slight buzzing sound.

Like the rest of your vehicle, your transmission needs regular servicing as well as occasional repairs and part replacements. At ATS Automotive we can diagnose and fix your transmission problems in no time and get you back on the road.

When should I fit a transmission oil cooler to my car?

Excessive heat is the most common cause of Automatic Transmission Failure. Also towing anything from boats to caravans and trailers, regardless how big, how far or how often, dramatically increases the heat generated by your vehicle's transmission.

ATS Automotive have great experience in fitting Automatic Transmissions. Enquire at ATS Automotive now about a transmission cooler to suit your vehicle or book quality automatic transmission repair now.

A quality oil cooler, correctly fitted will reduce transmission oil temperature and prolong transmission life. It will also reduce the demand on your radiator and the possibility of engine overheating.

ATS Automotive recommends that you fit a transmission oil cooler to your car if you are:
• towing caravans, boats or trailers
• carrying heavy loads
• driving up and down steep inclines
• driving in mud, snow or sand
• driving in stop/start traffic
• driving in 4WD
• enjoy racing or high performance vehicles
• driving in hot weather conditions

To reduce transmission oil temperature and prolong transmission life you should consider installing a quality oil cooler. Correctly fitted, the oil cooler will also relieve the demand on your vehicle's radiator, making it more efficient and reducing the possibility of your engine overheating. With timely check up and advance safety measures you can prevent potentially expensive and inconvenient transmission repairs.

To enhance the performance and lifespan of your automatic transmission, ATS Automotive recommends:
• Ensure regular preventative car servicing and parts maintenance
• Correct servicing and adjustments - not just flushing the oil - are critical to the longevity of your transmission
• Immediate attention to oil leaks, noises, clunks or anything unusual could be "the stitch in time"!
• Consider using a synthetic transmission fluid
• Sensible driving with consideration to the prevailing conditions, such as hot weather, steep inclines and even head winds!

Why Work With ATS Automotive

  • Peace of Mind: When you visit a Repco Authorised Service Centre you know that you have the reassurance our work is top notch, thanks to the Repco Nationwide Guarantee.
  • Ongoing Training: As part of the Repco family, our mechanics are offered training seminars and receive service bulletins about the latest diagnostic equipment and vehicle upgrades.
  • Local Service: Our convenient location is perfect for maintenance on the family car or maintenance on a fleet of vehicles.

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